About your session

About Your Acupuncture Session:

I always begin treatment by listening and charting your chief reason for treatment, followed by examining your Tongue and Pulse. After, getting a complete medical history, I decide which channels and treatment principle to use. Once, determined I use sterilized and disposable needles which are inserted to specific areas of the body's channel(s), to create an energetic effect. The needle is manipulated and what may occur during needling is a "Qi" sensation (radiating, shooting, contracting, heavy, or numbing sensation- each individual will feel different on how they respond to the needle). It is through the transmission of correct channel and needle combination that the bodies physiology resets, by expelling harmful pathogens and to invigorate what has gone awry. 

Time and Treatment

Healing takes time and commitment—conditions that are recent and acute 1 or 2 treatments and conditions that are chronic, congenital, or with a long duration naturally require a longer course of treatment. We will discuss the relevant treatments based on your condition, the level of severity and its duration.

The number and frequency of treatment depends on the individual, too. Treatments can be affected by lifestyle choices or prior medical therapies that may have interfered with the body’s ability to heal and function optimally.

Our goal

Each individual is unique to us and have different life experiences, as well as dietary habits which may have triggered symptoms to arise. Therefore, our treatment goal becomes oriented to relieve your symptoms but, at the same time address and treat the root of the condition. Our suggestions and support are centered around your individual needs and challenges and not just the condition.


Is Acupuncture right for me?

The World  Health Organization has a list of conditions that Acupuncture can treat. https://www.evidencebasedacupuncture.org/who-official-position/

How do I know if the Acupuncturist is the right match for me?

Make a call to initiate a connection about your health concerns to see if your a match. 

Rates for Private Acupuncture?

Private Acupuncture rates commensurate with the Acupuncture field.  

Does Insurance cover for Acupuncture?

It depends on what insurance carrier you have. Each carrier offers a different limited amount of sessions per year. If you plan to schedule an appointment through insurance payment please inquire your insurance carrier to see if they offer Acupuncture treatments and if they do I can give you an insurance claim form for reimbursement or you can go directly to your insurance website and submit claim form with all your details.

Co-pay and payments must be paid in full prior to treatment. Transactions can be made by  credit card, personal checks, and cash.

What are the possible side effects after Acupuncture treatment? 

Soreness, Fatigue, Bruising, Lightheaded, Emotional release, Muscle twitching. 

What is a healing crisis?

A healing crisis may occur when pathology is trying to be released. Often, people who experiences a healing crisis may have symptoms such as  abdominal pain with diarrhea, nausea, runny nose, crying. Sensory organs are ways in which the body releases pathology. Please let your Acupuncturist know and they will continue with the correct treatment. 

What do prior to Acupuncture treatment?

Make sure to eat 11/2-2 hours prior to treatment and wear loose comfortable clothing. 

What is Facial rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation is a "trend" like botox is a trend, however, Acupuncture Facial is very effective with no side effects, like botox or surgery. The worst side effect is bruising which goes away in less than a week. For conditions like brown spots, severe forehead lines or dull, flaky, dry skin on the face may indicate a deeper underlying problem and the Acupuncturist can help you address the root of these symptoms. If not treated the symptoms will arise again and reveal on your face. 

What is scar treatment?

Scar tissue usually lie on areas that cross over the meridians of the body which then impedes free flow of energy/ circulation throughout the meridian(s) and may result in blockages which cause symptoms such as tension, tightness, numbness, pins & needles sensations and poor circulation. Scar treatments can alleviate these symptoms. The areas I often treat are c-sections, cosmetic surgery (facelift), post injuries (knee, hip, shoulder surgeries).  

About Detox?

In general, it is beneficial to detox as often as possible. Why? Because of all the pollutants we are exposed (air, food, people). Detox can be challenging and I am here to provide additional support. 

Good luck on your path to healing!