A Patient, Carer and Healer

Hello! Welcome! My name is Margaret. 

My roots in Chinese Medicine is a Tradition that has been inherited from generations of Family Tradition. 

I remember playing in the park slide and bruising my shin from hitting it against the stairs going up to slide down the slide.  Once, we returned home the first thing my grandfather would do was rub my bruised shin with Dit Da Jow (herbal ointment), ouch! Little did I know then, that rubbing Dit Da Jow prevented my bruised shin from forming clots and created quicker healing. 

When I was young grandma made  herbal chicken soup to rid the warm the body and rid the cold and she would rub hot boiled eggs on the back of my neck, shoulder, body and make me drink herbal chicken soup! 

HERBAL SOUPS! Homemade herbal soups were the foundation of our weekly diet. Seasonal and holiday foods and soups were treats for us! 

My very first visit to a Chinese Medical Doctor (Jong Yee) was when I dislocated my right shoulder while playing on the monkey bars. 

Then as years passed, during pregnancy and after giving birth to my son, my family cooked traditional soups and meals that healed my fatigue and replenished my energy. 

This renewed energy prepared me for the devastating news I received in 2000 from Sloan Kettering Pediatrics Hematology of my 9 year old son whom was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, Aplastic Anemia. The news had mentally and spiritually shattered us! 

During that time, our choices for intervention was to start taking Interferon, or get blood transfusions, and if he got worse he would need a Bone marrow transplant. We chose none of the above! Instead, we retreated to Buddhism for our mental and spiritual well-being and went back to our Traditional roots  of treatment with Acupuncture and herbs. Healing took time and was a slow process but my son is completely healed from Aplastic Anemia and is living a normal adult life.  

These life experiences has proved to me over and over again that the body and mind are powerful and has the ability to heal, but sometimes the body may need a little assistance from Acupuncture or herbs. What I learned about the secrets behind Ancient Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is the key to prevention is to get regular treatments and not wait until chronicity sets in. 

Therefore, to deepen my knowledge of my families Chinese Tradition, I furthered my studies at New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and am a Licensed Acupuncturist practicing in the boroughs of NYState. 

I enjoy & have experience specializing in pain management resulting from sports injuries sprain or strain,  post-op surgeries (spinal health-neck, lower back, knee, hip, shoulder, wrist,  cosmetic surgery, c-section), pain management due to  (Osteo)Arthritis, headaches, PMS, Menopausal symptoms,  depression and post traumatic syndromes, cancer support-nausea, anxiety, anemia, neuropathy, fatigue, and insomnia. 

It's an honor to be able to practice this Ancient Chinese Medical Tradition and pass it on!

My work experience 2006 ~ Present: 

- Bowery Residence Community - Founder of Yoga, Meditation 

- Kadampa Buddhist Meditation - Meditation, Foundations Co-ordinator

- Governuer Hospital - inpatient stroke and hemiplegic patients

- Naturo Medico Rehabilitation - post surgery (Knee replacement, Frozen shoulder, lower back), Pain Management, Cancer,  anxiety, depression, Arthritis, Infertility, Auto-immune, Parkinson's, Facial rejuvenation

My Education 2004:

- Body Mind Centering w/Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen - Certified Embodied Developmental Movement and Yoga (E-RYT)

- Shantaya - Certified Thai Yoga Therapy 

- BMCC -A.S Science & Human Services  

- NYCTCM- Masters in Science & Traditional Chinese Medicine  L.A.c 

(Licensed Acupuncturist to practice in the State of NY)

Continuing Education since 2004 ~ Present

- Gestalt Therapy

- Dr Bao's - Abdominal Acupuncture

- Dr. Zheng - Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation & Pestle Therapy

- Dr Tans - Balance Treatment

- Heiner Fruehauf - Understanding Cancer, Art of Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Perspectives on the Importance of Trust and Integrity in the Field of Medicine,  Your Body is a Sacred Landscape, 

- Ann Cecil Sterman - Pulse Diagnosis

- Jeffrey Yuen - Dietary Therapy, 9 Heart Pains, Ancestral Vessels & Curious Bowels, Alchemy, Acute pain, Nourishing Yin

Study Groups 2006 ~ Present:

- Kadampa Buddhist Meditation (Teachers Training Program)

- Jeffrey Yuen 

My continuing education evolves around the study of Classical Chinese Medicine in particular with Jeffrey Yuen & his students, and Heiner Fruhauf ( 


Thank you for reading! Namaste' May peace be with you & Yours! ~

Recommended Books

- The Art of Pulse Diagnosis, Acupuncture clinical Manual by Ann Cecil Sterman

- Stone Medicine by Leslie J. Franks

- The Acupuncturist Handbook by Jeffrey H. Jacobs

- Ling Shu or Spiritual Pivot by Wu Jing Nuan

- Huand Di Nei Jing, Chinese Natural Cures, - Henry C, Lu

- Between Heaven and Earth by Harriet Field 

- The Web that has no Weaver - Ted J. Kaptchuck 

- Navigating the Channels by Yitian Ni

- Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, Practice of Chinese medicine (Channel Theory), Obstetrics and Gynecology by Giovani Maciocia

- Healing Foods by Miriam

- Chinese Herbs by John D Keys

- Chinese Medicine by Penelope Ody

- Hip Chick's guide to Macrobiotics by Jessica Porter

- Tao Of Healthy Eating by Bob Flaws

- Needles, Herbs, Gods, Ghosts by Linda, L. Barnes

- The Way of The Golden Elixir by Fabrizio Pregadio

- Emotional Healing by Daniel Coleman

- Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

- How to Transform your life, Guide to Bodhisattva's way of life, Great Treasury of Merit, How to solve Our Human Problems, Living Meaningfully & Dying Joyfully, Modern Buddhism, Joyful Path of Good Fortune, by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

---There's many more books that I read and will be posted..